Create a Circle, Change the World

Women need women. Each of us deserves to be in the sacred company of other women. It is how we remember who we really are. Goddesses. Shining STARs!

Goddess Moon SisSTAR Circles are where women gather to celebrate and support one another.

In a circle, we create a safe space to share what is in our hearts. We let go of unwanted emotions, gain clarity, and empathize. We engage in co-created activities that can deeply heal and empower.

There is no hierarchy in circle. All women are equal, sharing their individual Goddess gifts and talents to support the whole. The Moon cycle and Goddess archetype are recognized and honored by the group to connect to the universal teachings that as women we all share.

Together we honor our sacred bond as women, creating friendships that last a lifetime.

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Sacred Womens Circle

Women need women. Each of us deserves to be in the sacred company of other women. It is how we remember who we really are . . . Goddesses, a.k.a. Shining STARs!

Goddess moon SisSTAR circles provide a safe space for women to connect with other women and open and share more deeply while realizing their magnificent beauty and potential. Ceremonies teach us to honor and celebrate important milestones in our life bringing us a sense of completion and wholeness.  We need to co-create circles and ceremonies to help us make the changes we want in our lives and in the world.

Womens Goddess Circle

I believe every single woman is a Goddess.

Every woman shines.

Every woman must play a part. We are in this together.

We can not and will not leave any Goddess behind.

​All are invited. All are welcome. ​​

Jani Moon

Hello SisSTARs! I’m Jani Moon.

My search for myself and meaning truly began on what was also the most painful day of my life.

​In 2002, my husband left me. On the very same day my sister was killed in a hit-and-run. In a desperate effort to heal myself and wake up, I took every spiritual, communication workshop I could get my hands on. For over 10 years.

I feel blessed to have experienced the teachers and the teachings that have helped me to remember who I am and guide me on my path.

Jani Moon Humans Of NY

We are in this life for a short time, and we get to decide in every moment what we do with that time.

I am on a mission to help you recall your Goddess nature and our bonds of sisSTARhood.  I believe that for us to evolve and heal ourselves and the planet that women must lead the way and gather together to activate and share our unique gifts and talents.

The future is female. When we gather, we create deep magic and transform ourselves, each other and the world. SHINE!