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All Roads lead to YOU!

My own journey began with learning and practicIng Ipsalu Kundalini Tantra  – which helped me to tear down my walls and learn how to connect. Before Ipsalu Tantra, I couldn’t even hug people. That’s how shut down I was. I have been a certified Ipsalu Kundalini Tantra teacher for over 10 years.

Then, a dear friend and fellow Ipsalu teacher introduced me to Nonviolent Communication (NVC), created by the brilliant and late Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg. NVC offered me a practical system for communicating when I am emotionally triggered.

​Around the same time, I started to take courses and received kinesiology sessions at the School of Humanity and Awareness in Atlanta, GA. This is the place that opened me to my unconscious, teaching me about energies, forces, and limiting patterns and beliefs. The kinesiology sessions helped to clear away what I didn’t need so I could create a new heart-centered reality. I am now a kinesiology practitioner, dedicated to making the world a more conscious place.

I did my Priestess process training with Lisa Michaels in 2008 where I was invited to learn about the sacredness of women’s circle work. There, I realized my deep love for ceremony and ritual and started hosted Goddess Moon Circles everywhere I went, from Port Vila, Vanuatu to New York City.  I found that women needed community and were eager for greater growth, inspiration, and connection.

Over the last few years, I have explored Shamanic traditions working with Shamans from all over the world. All of these experiences schooled and healed me, guiding me closer to my divine purpose. I teach and inspire Goddess SisSTARS all over the world to host and co-create their own sacred circles and ceremonies.

– Jani Moon

Jani Moon