I will come in person to facilitate a Goddess Moon circle or another other type of circle. I will work with you closely to help create the experience that you envision and want. I am based in New York City and am willing to travel if my schedule allows for it.

Nature Memorial Ceremony

Do you feel that funerals are depressing and cold? Do you want to be buried under a tree instead of a over populated cemetery ? Would you rather have your ashes spread on the earth or put in a coffin? I know what I want. Give me nature! When someone we love passes, we don’t have to follow the status quo and have a traditional funeral service in a church or a funeral parlor. Make nature your church, your temple. It’s time to break away from what we were told we need to do or what is appropriate and do what feels right.

Spiritual Modern Wedding Ceremony

Are you getting married but don’t want a traditional wedding? But you want it to feel deeply spiritual and be unique and fun? You can have a wedding that honors you and your partner’s union as well as making your  diverse group of guests feel comfortable and at ease. I will help you tailor create a unique ceremony that is perfect for you and your partner based on your beliefs, values and ancestry.

Wise Woman Crone Ceremony

It is time to honor the Wise Woman Crone! We live in a society that values youth. Men are taught that their grey in their beards are sexy and that they get more distinguished as they age while women are taught that they are less valuable and desirable. Too many times we hear of a man “trading” in his wife for a younger model. Where did we lose sight of the beautiful magnificence of the wise woman crone? Wise women crones have to start honoring the wise woman crone within them first for the world to see and remember their magic, wisdom and reverence. Experiencing a wise woman crone ceremony does just this.

Activate Action Circles

Enough is enough!  The women’s’ marches that happened across the world was the largest protest in human history. Women are ready to fight back and let their voices be heard. Activate Action Circles create a space for women to come together, share, brainstorm, set goals, and to formulate a step by step action plan to create the change they want in their lives and in the world.