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Kinesiology Sessions

I have been receiving kinesiology sessions as a client for over 10 yrs. It has completely changed my life, my reality, and is hands down, one of the most effective healing modalities that has worked for me.

After having a session, my reality would change. That to me, was the best validation I could get! Because of my passion and belief in kinesiology,  I got trained as a kinesiologist in the Reunion process at Soha in Atlanta, GA.

Kinesiology is the art of muscle testing to bypass the ego in order to identify patterns, forces, beliefs, and stories that are interfer with you creating a heart-centered, high-vibe reality. You deserve to have the life that you want and that you feel is in alignment with your highest good. Kinesiology can clear and reprogram the psyche so you project and create a new movie, a new life.