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No Goddess Left Behind Movement

Every woman must play a part. We are in this together. We can not and will not leave any Goddess behind. ​All are invited. All are welcome. ​​

My sister Kim and I always had a tumultuous relationship. I found her difficult to be around because of her massive mood swings so I just checked out. I also was super self-centered and selfish. All I cared about was my doctor husband at the time and what was going on in my world.  Then, I took a workshop at School of Humanity and Awareness in Atlanta, Georgia.

I experienced a re-connection to Spirit and a deep need to heal my relationship with my sister. I had the miraculous fortune of finding peace with her. I broke down and apologized for not being there for her during the toughest and most painful times of her life.  I told her I was sorry for being so selfish and self-absorbed. Not being an overly expressive person with her love, she completely surprised me. She walked over and hugged me and told me she forgave me. I hadn’t felt that close to her since we were little children. I was so excited to start our relationship anew, to look to the future.

​Then, a week later she was gone. After Kim’s death, I vowed to leave no Goddess left behind ever again.

And the No Goddess Left Behind Movement was born.

Goddess Womens Circle

No Goddess Left Behind womens retreat, New York, 2015